Monday, November 23, 2015

I Am That
I Am.......That......I Am

The Adventures of the Little Droplet

A Good-night story for our Children
and not-so-Grown-ups
(made up on the spot by Mona Van Vooren)

On a balmy Sunday morning, a pretty little cloud sailed blissfully across the azure skies above a little town, on the sea shores somewhere on Planet Earth. It was made up of the finest, most subtle particles of vapors, all suspended above the city and swirling blissfully around each other. They were so fine that one could not distinguish one from any other. And they were so light that they could easily sail along on a breeze, carefree and unattached. They all had a good, fun collective time traveling along.

Eventually, they reached a big mountain side, so they began to climb. Higher and higher they rose, and the more they climbed the colder it got around our little, blissful cloud nation. Finally, the air around them turned so cold that they all huddled closer together. And before long, they realized that some transformation was about to take place inside the cloud: they noticed that they were no longer so vaporous, they were actually forming bigger entities. These bigger entities turned from vapor to liquid, and as they gathered more substance, turned into droplets. Suddenly, they started to slide away from their cloud home.

One such droplet, called Lil' Droplet, realized that it could not hold on to the cloud anymore at all. It tumbled and began to rush through the air, towards the land beneath. The wind seized it and tossed it about, pressing it into a streak, then again hollowing it out like the shape of an open umbrella. Lil' Droplet had quite a ride with so many intense sensations, as it kept hurling ever downward to the green lands below, still quite far away! It heard thunder roar all about, above and way to the horizon, then it saw blinding lizards of intense light flash all over the skies, which filled it up with enormous energy. “Yeeehaaaa!!!” it screamed amidst the thunder and storm. It tumbled and twirled, and sometimes the gusts of storm carried it back upwards for a short moment, like on a roller-coaster. Lil' Droplet held itself together, as best it could, which at times was quite difficult. “Where am I going? What is happening to me? Who am I? Why am I no longer vapor? What will become of me?” All these questions danced through its consciousness, but it could not sort any of them out, as it was too busy just paying attention to the exhilarating ride, which seemed endless.

By now, it had come down quite a bit, and it could make out meadows and houses and trees, and all of them were getting bigger very rapidly. At the last moment, a strong, sweeping gush of air carried it way to the side, barely past a very high steeple, and out, over the big ocean off the coast. Our droplet had never seen anything like it: It was so wide, so blue, and so very majestic!

“What is this big thing?” it wondered, “looks like I am going to fall right into it!” Our little droplet felt very concerned about its fate. It had no idea what would become of it, or how it could survive if it ever hit that big, wondrous, blue expanse below.

At last, and, with a big splash, Lil Droplet landed on the surface of the ocean's swaying waves. And, as it began to sink into the water and mingle with it, suddenly, everything became very clear and simple for it. “Oh, how wonderful”, it marveled, “I just blend in!” It felt so good to join the ocean waters. “I am That!” It jubilated! “I am exactly that!” and it knew that it had found it's home place and true nature. “I am that. I can also be a droplet, or I can be vapors in a cloud. But regardless of what I do whenever I want to transform, I am always that.”

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